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How many Social Media conversations does your organisation engage in?

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Of the following SIX channels of conversation, to how many does your organisation tune in? Count 1 for each question you can answer yes to…

  • Do you subscribe to a company BLOG?
  • Has someone created a Facebook Fan Page? Read more…

An elaborate celebration

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Elaborate1Last week I had the honour of attending the AffiliateWindow annual celebration at which they thank their clients for another year of massive income (DigitalWindow, the holding company that owns AffiliateWindow was recently valued at £16.6m following an investment by PubliGroupe and Axel Springer).

For those that don’t know Read more…

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Tune your website into the conversation

September 21, 2009 2 comments

Your website contains information, but a lot of it is still static – out of date as soon as it’s written. Like a free booklet at the doctor’s office, once you’ve read it through once you don’t want to do it again.


Tune your website into the wider conversation by adding elements from social media into the visual layout of your site.

Bring your blog near the front door of your user’s reading experience on your site. Put your twitter feed (or maybe even friendfeed) on your homepage. They’ll remember there was transient, opinion and conversation happening around your ‘leaflet’ and they’ll instinctively know that it will change – so they’ll come back for more later.

By transparently bringing dynamic content that you don’t necessarily control up front to your target audience, you can generate a lot more interest in your site and your brand and your product and the service you provide.

In talk radio, listeners tune in for the best opinion that changes daily and challenges their thoughts. In this metaphor, if your website is a broadcast about your business, Social Media is the ability to take calls from listeners.

You got to have a blog

September 10, 2009 1 comment

GSH-0154You gotta have a blog.

The entire structure of Social Media relies on the fact that you have a central nucleus that generates and stores all your information, news and authority posts.

You can tweet – in 140 characters you can convey useful information but to convey Read more…

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