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An elaborate celebration

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Elaborate1Last week I had the honour of attending the AffiliateWindow annual celebration at which they thank their clients for another year of massive income (DigitalWindow, the holding company that owns AffiliateWindow was recently valued at £16.6m following an investment by PubliGroupe and Axel Springer).

For those that don’t know, AffiliateWindow (here on after referred to as ‘AW’ to save my fingers!) is one of several marketmakers in the Affiliate Marketing industry. AW invited the central characters from Fund it Frog (the key venture i have worked day and night on to design and market for the last two years) to attend the event. It was a real pleasure to attend.

Sitting at the feet of 'King Charles'

Sitting at the feet of 'King Charles'. Click the link to view more photos...

The venue was the Banqueting rooms on Whitehall. The theme was King Charles era / Black tie with a networking twist (all guests were issued with a smart silk kerchief of varying colours to indicate their status (think speed dating for consumers, retailers and agencies). Good food, fantastic drinks and entertainment were all first class. Far better than most formal events that easily take £100 from your wallet.


What really struck me was the excellent banter from all the people involved. There was no jibe talking from competing Affiliates, no cynical asides from let down customers, (“shame they can’t answer the phone” is something I often hear being said about other affiliate marketing marketmakers). In fact let me go one step further and say this: AW have really nailed their approach to business. They are, to a fault, genuinely interested in their customers and clients and i am continually blown away by how much time they will devote to helping new affiliates to find their feet.

I met huge number of potential clients, was offered two jobs (thank you!), and had a superb night out with people I consider to be friends. Thanks guys, you rock.


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