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Big social media day in the Twitterverse: #140conf and #Enternships

November 18, 2009 2 comments

Jeff Pulver ran his #140conf at the awesome venue which is the O2 Indigo yesterday morning and all day before the whole crowd spectacularly moved en masse all the way from Greenwich to Soho to attend another huge event: Martha Lane Fox kick starting the latest #Enternships publicity drive at Floridita on Wardour St.


Superb start with Stephen Fry talking superbly on the meaning of the word Twitter as a way for businesses to understand what the service is for. The key point he made is that businesses are to avoid spamming people with offers / advertisments / sales if they are to engage with the twitterverse.

“Twitter is human shaped” simply means i will only engage with a human on twitter, and i will not engage with a brand.

Practically for a business, this means represent your brand as a human: explain who the human who runs the account is.
Sign off tweets as “John” or “John from Nike” but not “Nike Service”.
You can see a direct quote here.

Stephen Fry at #140conf

Jeffrey Hayzlett Chief Marketing Officer of Kodak, was engaging. One of his key points predicted world uptake (ballsy – i like it!):

“33% of people will get it immediately; 33% will get it after they particpate and stick with it for a while; and 33% will never get it”
NB. He actually kindly used 30/30/30 and by doing so saved us all vital seconds of our life  by assuming we were intelligent enough to do the exact maths ourselves. We were.

See the complete (twitter) list of speakers from the whole day.


Martha Lane Fox gave a rousing speech about internet Nationalism: only 1 of the top 10 sites visted each day by internet users across Great Britain are British sites. The rest originate in the USA. Solution? Get out there and get working. She advocated that everyone get drunk tonight, and skip work tomorrow to start the next batch of UK websites.

I don’t know about creating a business plan for the next 5 years while hungover, but i do agree with her sentiment: We need HERE that spirit of adventure that is out THERE in the U.S.A.

Far too often i hear people excitedly describing their entrepreneurial dreams and hear the underwhelming responses from friends:  “oooh, that’s a hard market to break into”; “i hope you have some help”; “are you sure?”. We need to break away from tall poppy syndrome and embrace people who try – isn’t that what put the GREAT in Britain in the first place?

Next up was an extended networking session. Meet- as- many- influential- people- as- you- can- in- (seriously) about- 2- hours. Personally i was very happy to meet some genuine legends… and one nigh-contributing-zero “from a Venture Cap firm” – you know who you are!

The superb end to the evening was discussing a great idea for a business with a client from the Central Office of Information and getting my photo taken with internet muscleman Jeff Keni Pulver!

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Screenshots from Twitter’s RETWEET invite only beta group

November 18, 2009 2 comments

So Twitter very kindly identified Fund it Frog (@FunditFrog) as an organisation that they would like to test the new limited release RETWEET functionality. (Why? It’s not the volume of tweets or followers, but it may be the regularity. I suspect the real reason is because we use so many different third party apps to update our twitterstream. Enough guesswork, let’s look at the screenshots.

Invitation to join the beta test


Read more…

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Live stream from the London Facebook Developer Garage

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

LFDGSocial Media Guy will be broadcast LIVE in your Facebook Newsfeed in about 15-20mins via this realtime video link. I’m speaking at the London Facebook Developer Garage on the future of Social Media Marketing.

The Livestream will be was live on the homepage of Brightcove:

UPDATE: The event was a great success, a big thank you to all involved.

There was a wild range of reactions to my predictions for the future of Social Media Marketing. Some laughed out loud (!), others nodded profoundly in agreement (and some even voted with their feet and left). But everyone agreed that the size of the circles fairly represents the status quo in SMM!

Once you’ve taken a look at the presentation i’d be grateful for your feedback (use the comments section below) – I’m looking to improve the idea over time…


Information-rich existence in which we live

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

In this information-rich existence that we live, our quality of life is no longer dependent on riches but on the quality of information we can absorb and experience for intellectual enjoyment: in this generation the person who is served the most relevant, stimulating, engaging information has the highest quality of life.

Am i wrong?