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Mark Zuckerberg F8 keynote address

Live blogging from F8: Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote address.

Emotions: He’s nervous. He has an “epic win” laugh that worries me he’s thinking of world domination. Maniacal. His friends call him Zuck. [Update: Find out how impeccably Mark treated people at the FDGL Hackathon in real life.]

Key announcements:

Summary : Everything simpler and more social, more personalised.

Shared liking from websites

I can see what my friends like on websites. If i’m on CNN then i can see what articles my friends have enjoyed.

I can like an article *without* logging into to CNN, or connecting myself to CNN in anyway.

1. Open Graph Protocol

Specification to markup your pages to tell Facebook what object your webpage represents. e.g e.g. This iMDB page is about a movie, its made in 1971 and its name is The Godfather.

This click goes to stream as you’d expect, but also goes to a new ‘Likes’ section of my profile and adds “Godfather” to this section.

2. Social Plugins

You go to a site you have never been to before. It shows you which friends on Facebook are already using this new site!

Social Bar

You can like things from a bar at the bottom of your browser on any website that enables it.

3. Rebuilt open Graph API


Check this out – put your name in the url: http://graph.facebook.com/[username] e.g. http://graph.facebook.com/geoffhughes


Document sharing. Using a real identity and friends. This is a really exciting heading – let’s see later today (tomorrow in Europe) if this is as cool as it sounds.

Developer improvements

OAuth 2.0

1 paragraph and 2 bullet points.

Available for all APIs.

You can store data for more than 24 hours.

This is a massive change. It means we can develop apps that can rely on your information being available instead of the app design being

Instant permissions

One screen to give permissions. Photo to come. Updated: Photo below.

Facebook permissions dialogue

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