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Mark Zuckerberg tells the British Prime Minister about Tube Warning in London

Nudge Social Media have just finished attending an epic two day hackathon where all the most influential people from Facebook were in hosting the combined thought leadership from the Social Media industry. The event was part of a series of events organised by Facebook with the Facebook Developer Garage London.

Sunday 20th June 2010

The star of course walked in to the Dare offices in Soho yesterday (that’s right, on a Sunday) at about 18:50: Mr Mark Zuckerberg.

The British press can be very unfair; and as humans we have a tendency to submit to tall poppy syndrome. As a result you’d be forgiven for having read several articles on the web and been led into believing that Mark is “arrogant” or “dismissive”, “out of touch” or “out of his depth”. Let me say for the record that in my humble opinion nothing could be further from the truth.

Mark walked around the hackathon showing a keen interest in all the 11 ideas created by willing volunteers on their day off. Zuckerberg was asking pertinent questions about how the app used the Facebook Open Graph API and you got the feeling he was genuinely excited to see the diverse range of ideas as they emerged.

Here is a guy who is engaging, enthusiastic, and energetic.

Zuckerberg came into our room where three teams created ideas called Tube Warning, Like Explorer and Wrap Up, and asked provoking questions about the ideas being generated and was clearly impressed with what he was hearing.

After this Zuck was posed a few questions but soon there began an very casual, inclusive discussion involving the entire room of 10 hackers plus Facebook organisers. We discussed fairly informally the issues Facebook Developers faced going forward and how Facebook could make developing on the Platform easier. You’ll be able to see a video of this discussion in the coming days. Bookmark Social Media Guy and come back here to see it once it gets uploaded.

The hacking continued to 8pm when the winners were announced by the triumvirate of Mike Vernal (Senior Platform Engineer), Ethan Beard (Head of Platform, and Mark Zuckerberg. This took until 11pm with feedback. Zuckerberg who had arrived from Facebook HQ Palo Alto that day stayed until the bitter end at around 11pm

Monday 21st June 2010

The winners were invited by Mark to come to the big Facebook Developer Garage London conference today to show their winning applications to the Tech Press at the event. It was a great launch platform for these entrepreneurs and agencies, and Nudge was among the winners with an idea called Tube Warning.

Tube Warning uses the newly released TfL (Transport for London) API to gather data for Facebook users on events they are attending and it tells the users 2 hours before each event if there are any delays on the Tube Lines.

Mark Zuckerberg liked the idea so much that when he met the British Prime Minister this morning he talked about how Toby Beresford‘s idea had grabbed the attention of the Hackathon Judges. He spoke to David Cameron about the ability to use Government data in a way that helped to make residents lives easier. A pretty good idea for a city with the bulk of the country’s 26m Facebook monthly active users (MAU).

Mark Zuckerberg with Toby, Iskandar and Geoff

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