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Advising your customers to unsubscribe? Are you mad?

October 20, 2010 3 comments

“OK, i will unsubscribe.  The rest of this email is free advice from someone who works in digital marketing.”

This is the beginning of a note i just wrote to Streetcar, the car sharing service. They had just advised me to unsubscribe from their newsletter because it was peppering me with the same content every issue.

“I am sorry that you are not finding the notification of our current offer useful, as that is our main promotion at the moment our Streetcar View emails are mainly focused on that … if you do not wish to be updated about this offer in the future the Streetcar View emails can be turned off using the link at the bottom of the message”

It’s amazingly poor strategy to advise your membership to unsubscribe from all Read more…
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