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Boom! Facebook’s new profile design is the LinkedIn killer for which we’ve been waiting

Well, this is the moment of LinkedIn’s imminent decline. Facebook just redesigned your Profile page to make it a whole lot more business-like. Starting the view with where I currently work and allowing me to list Projects that I have worked on will soon make Facebook an online superdatawarehouse for everyone’s CV.

Where does this leave LinkedIn? Until now Facebook did not tread on LinkedIn’s toes. They kept away to keep Facebook fun and all about your Friends. Now that everyone is on Facebook their objective is not about attracting new users but retaining old ones. LinkedIn has over 85 million members in 200 countries but they don’t visit very often. LinkedIn gets just 3% of Internet traffic, whereas Facebook thunders forward now attracting 38% of daily internet traffic to its site. Easy to see why: how often do you change your job? But I check out what my friends are up to everyday, which is why Facebook have over 500 million users, half of which log in every single day.

These stats are bourne out by Alexa’s graph when i compare the two sites.

So, what’s the analysis? I absolutely love the simplicity of the “Add a Project” feature to each job. It really does put my CV online in a way that I have never before seen to been done well. I can also add People to every job and every project I have ever worked on. I never need to go back on LinkedIn again, and neither will you. So, LinkedIn is dead and Facebook is reborn with a business product that will change the way we all find jobs, work.

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