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Starter / don’t-finisher Brands

February 1, 2011 2 comments

Intrigued by starter don’t finisher brands that don’t end their campaigns neatly. Why do something well from beginning to middle but then fail at the end or fail to measure your success?

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Zuckerberg is TIME person of the year

December 15, 2010 1 comment

Well, now that you know you’ll probably say you guessed it, but i welcome this great news. The Zuck has been awarded the Honour of the front page of TIME magazine for the Person of the Year issue.

Read it yourself here…



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Boom! Facebook’s new profile design is the LinkedIn killer for which we’ve been waiting

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, this is the moment of LinkedIn’s imminent decline. Facebook just redesigned your Profile page to make it a whole lot more business-like. Starting the view with where I currently work and allowing me to list Projects that I have worked on will soon make Facebook an online superdatawarehouse for everyone’s CV.

Where does this leave LinkedIn? Until now Facebook did not tread on LinkedIn’s toes. They kept away to keep Facebook fun and all about your Friends. Now that everyone is on Facebook their objective is Read more…

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Open letter to Odeon Cinemas

November 13, 2010 Leave a comment


I don’t really like the odeon brand. but i saw your premiere club and thought i’ll give them a go.

i read the marketing.
i signed up in good faith. £9.99 for 1000 premiere points. (1 ticket costs 800 it says)
and then you pull the dirty rotten low down cheap tarty trick of telling me after you have taken my money that i am a member immediately but can’t use the points for 3 days.

sure, i bet its buried in the terms and conditions, but you still misled me.

so now i dont just dislike the odeon, i distrust the odeon brand.


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Advising your customers to unsubscribe? Are you mad?

October 20, 2010 3 comments

“OK, i will unsubscribe.  The rest of this email is free advice from someone who works in digital marketing.”

This is the beginning of a note i just wrote to Streetcar, the car sharing service. They had just advised me to unsubscribe from their newsletter because it was peppering me with the same content every issue.

“I am sorry that you are not finding the notification of our current offer useful, as that is our main promotion at the moment our Streetcar View emails are mainly focused on that … if you do not wish to be updated about this offer in the future the Streetcar View emails can be turned off using the link at the bottom of the message”

It’s amazingly poor strategy to advise your membership to unsubscribe from all Read more…
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Gmail is more beautiful

August 11, 2010 1 comment

Google have improved their Gmail experience. The inbox is bigger – you can read your inbox more clearly. It’s sharper. And they’ve improved some contact functionality.

Analysis: MS Outlook is so unreliably slow and buggy and requires so much maintenance (Would you like to archive your old items now?”) that it’s time to consider moving from Outlook to Gmail permanently. Read more…

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Naughty Facebook

August 10, 2010 1 comment

Yesterday i accepted a Facebook friend request from a guy at work. Those of you familiar with how one accepts a friend request see if you can spot the obvious mistake…

Here’s how it happened:

  1. I clicked on the friend requests box which was blinking a red friend request notification at me. There were four requests Read more…