Much improved Google image search

July 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Google just improved their image search feature.

Wow! It is awesome. Try it – features include enlarging the images on mouseover (removing the old need for page reload) and infinite scrolling (similar to your Facebook Newsfeed) so you don’t need to page through and wait for the next page to load.

Time saving is massive – and you no longer need to click view full size image – it knows you want to do that so shows you automagically!

WIN for Google.

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What have Trinny and Susannah got to do with Social Media?

July 14, 2010 3 comments

Yesterday i saw an excerpt from the next installment of Trinny and Susannah: What they did next which was very funny.

The episode is filmed at the offices of Nudge Social Media who were hoodwinked into taking part in a documentary in which Trinny and Susannah help consistently unlucky job applicants to find their feet in their chosen industry.

In the film by director Chris Faith, Nudge’s own Social Media Guy interviewed a hapless Read more…

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Isner and Mahut: A prisoner’s dilemma

June 24, 2010 Leave a comment

John Isner and Nicholas Mahut are fighting an epic battle today in Wimbledon and The World’s longest ever game of tennis. It was halted last night at 59-59 in the final set.

In summary then, they have been trapped in game theory’s favourite metaphor: the Prisoner’s Dilemma. The Prisoner’s Dilemma is fundamental economic game theory which states at its simplest level that it is better Read more…

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Mark Zuckerberg tells the British Prime Minister about Tube Warning in London

June 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Nudge Social Media have just finished attending an epic two day hackathon where all the most influential people from Facebook were in hosting the combined thought leadership from the Social Media industry. The event was part of a series of events organised by Facebook with the Facebook Developer Garage London.

Sunday 20th June 2010

The star of course walked in to the Dare offices in Soho yesterday (that’s right, on a Sunday) at about 18:50: Mr Mark Zuckerberg.

The British press can be very unfair; and as humans we have a tendency to submit to tall poppy syndrome. As a result you’d be forgiven for having read several articles on the web and been led into believing that Mark is “arrogant” or “dismissive”, “out of touch” or “out of his depth”. Let me say for the record Read more…

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Facebook removes the @ feature?

June 16, 2010 5 comments

Until last week I was able to use the @ sign in my Facebook status to link directly to a Facebook Friend or a Facebook Page (Facebook Pages are still known to most as a ‘Fanpage’). This feature is known as Tagging your status and posts.

Yesterday i logged in to Facebook and was pleased to see the newly updated Facebook Homepage – screenshot below. Read more…

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Facebook Developer Garage at the Difference Engine

April 29, 2010 4 comments

My alarm woke me at 5.15am to bring me to King’s Cross station in London in time to meet my friends on the committee on the concourse in time for the 7am train First Class to Darlington.

On arrival at Darlington, we are picked up by Jon Bradford: generously cordial, casually dressed and kindly here to drive with us to Middlesbrough where he will ask each of us to present a one hour talk on Facebook to The Difference Engine.  This is the first of two programmes, backed by Read more…

Mark Zuckerberg F8 keynote address

April 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Live blogging from F8: Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote address.

Emotions: He’s nervous. He has an “epic win” laugh that worries me he’s thinking of world domination. Maniacal. His friends call him Zuck. [Update: Find out how impeccably Mark treated people at the FDGL Hackathon in real life.]

Key announcements:

Summary : Everything simpler and more social, more personalised.

Read more…

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