Prezi presentations for the Social Media industry

Prezi is an awesome tool to combat the narcolepsy inducing ms powerpoint. Here’s a list in chronological order of my portfolio of public Prezi presentations.

A little learning lunch: a Social Media overview

  • A little learning lunch is an hour long talk detailing what Social Media can do for your company.
  • It brings an overview of “what Social Media is” listing good bad and ugly case studies from Coca-cola, Dell, Skittles, and Sony.
  • At last count the prezi had been viewed 340 times. You can see the up-to-date stats on

Watch the prezi now

How to Market and Monetise your online Web Drama

  • This was a full day workshop for the BBC World Service Trust and partners
  • The content you see here is designed to provoke debate and stimulate ideas

Watch the prezi now

Is this the future of the Advertising, PR and Digital industries?

  • Is this the future of the Advertising, PR and Digital industries?
  • A brief look at how budget is split across these industries now compared to what will happen in the future.

Watch the prezi now

Engagement is the Key!

  • Comparing seeding and ad value

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What to measure for ROI on your Facebook campaign

  • How much time do people spend on Facebook?
  • Facebook overtakes Google!
  • Advertising goals – sales vs engagement
  • How we got 30% viral uplift on Tango Headmasher
  • Measuring ROI on Facebook
  • Tools: Kontagent, Webtrends, N-stats
  • Metrics: MAU and DAU, engagament, viral uplift
  • Social Ads, Facebook Conversion Tags
  • 37% of app users go on to buy a can of Tango.

Watch the prezi now

Nudge present: The Facebook Octopus

  • How big is Facebook?
  • Why is this important for Media Agency clients?
  • A banner ad: 2 seconds of fame?
  • The tentacles of the Facebook Octopus
  • Facebook apps: Months of engagement
  • Remixing your brand with user’s friend data
  • Why invest in a Facebook app?

Watch the prezi now


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