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RT @renate: Brand websites are losing to the social web (bigtime)

October 8, 2009 3 comments

I recently retweeted a link to a great post. Perhaps it’s against the rules to now blog about it here as well (since intuitively that seems to be the wrong way round) but… a) i believe the article is a useful tool and worth bookmarking here more permanently than i can with a single ethereal tweet, and… b) in Social Media we are attempting to be disruptive innovators. So go with it!

Here’s the tweet:

RT @renate: Brand websites are losing to the social web (bigtime) <– Powerful stuff, thanks Renate.

The article this links to is published on Digital Buzz by @AdenHepburn (Note: in the first edition of this post I wrongly credited @MrStephenBeck as having authored the Digital Buzz piece. Mr Beck kindly pointed this error out to me in the comments a record of which is below.).

I’ve included an edited teaser excerpt for you to help you decide if you want to click through:

What you’ll notice from the graphs below (you can see them here) is that some of the biggest brands, websites and portals are losing unique visitors hand over fist for the last 3 years. Doesn’t make sense right? More and more people are connecting online, brands are spending bucket loads of cash on digital campaigns, so website traffic should be the complete opposite?

GSH-0150-So with such dramatic declines in website traffic and rapidly increasing numbers of Internet connected people, where is all that traffic going? The Social Web

He includes some excellent graphs purporting to prove his theory.I’d say he’s neglected to factor in the massive economic downturn, and that retail investors often visit these big corporate sites to see how well their investments are doing. Following the downturn and sell off of shares, I think we could also attribute falling traffic to a lack of interest in day to day trading and news figures.

Summary: It’s a useful tool when speaking to clients to help them understand why Social Networks are so important for at least the next 5 years, and his theory explains at least part of the downtown in traffic to brand homepages.


Prototype experience

October 7, 2009 1 comment

This is a truly awesome piece of marketing. The following are screenshots from my personal proptype-experience:

Data capture uses Facebook connect

Data capture uses Facebook connect

It takes all your information from Facebook, and then runs through a video (promoting the xbox360), in which YOU feature as the subject of an identity theft and Read more…

How many Social Media conversations does your organisation engage in?

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Of the following SIX channels of conversation, to how many does your organisation tune in? Count 1 for each question you can answer yes to…

  • Do you subscribe to a company BLOG?
  • Has someone created a Facebook Fan Page? Read more…

Tune your website into the conversation

September 21, 2009 2 comments

Your website contains information, but a lot of it is still static – out of date as soon as it’s written. Like a free booklet at the doctor’s office, once you’ve read it through once you don’t want to do it again.


Tune your website into the wider conversation by adding elements from social media into the visual layout of your site.

Bring your blog near the front door of your user’s reading experience on your site. Put your twitter feed (or maybe even friendfeed) on your homepage. They’ll remember there was transient, opinion and conversation happening around your ‘leaflet’ and they’ll instinctively know that it will change – so they’ll come back for more later.

By transparently bringing dynamic content that you don’t necessarily control up front to your target audience, you can generate a lot more interest in your site and your brand and your product and the service you provide.

In talk radio, listeners tune in for the best opinion that changes daily and challenges their thoughts. In this metaphor, if your website is a broadcast about your business, Social Media is the ability to take calls from listeners.